Medical Program

Medical Program
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Location:Faisalabad, Pakistan
World welfare association is providing the health facilities by creating free medical camps, free dispensaries where the checkup and treatment and medicine can easily reach in hands of poor at free of cost.
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Goal: $10,000

Medicine and first aid is one of “WWA” priorities in Rural Areas of Pakistan. Many of the children, especially those new to the centre, are easily prone to illness and disease due to their previously poor living conditions. A small scratch or stomach bug can prove very serious in view of the abundance of typhoid, amoebas, malaria and other diseases in the region.

“WWA” medical programme in its Peace Medical Centre is at its beginning stages and currently composes of a small cabinet that provides basic first aid needs to the children. The employment of a full-time, in-house nurse last year has meant that the medicines are well managed and administered by a professional.

“WWA” hopes that the programme can build on these small beginnings to provide a much larger range of medicines and services. The vision consists of a small and free (or low-cost) medical clinic that can be open to the public. To achieve this WWA is looking at the possibility of cool storage for vaccines, abundance of vitamins, worm-treatment drugs and others. Success of the programme would bring medical help to the children of WWA as well as the vulnerable people in the surrounding community.

We need your support to get this project off the ground. We require funds for construction works to move the clinic into a more appropriate building. We are also looking to urgently expand the range of drugs available, including tetanus shots, antibiotics as well as medical equipment.