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We Are Non Profit Organization

To prosper those people who lose the hope of life by providing them the basic needs as they become confident to take the step with all the people.

The poor people should be made strong socially, politically and economically to such an extent that they could actively take in the process of development and could affect the policies and decisions made for them.Our mission is to establish such democratic society which will be fundamentally based on equality, tolerance and justice in which every individual has a right to get basic necessities of life.Its main purpose to serve the people as this is duty of those peoples, who have empowerment to do something better for others. This organization is trying its best to do the job well. World welfare association is guiding the people to choose the better way of living. Since 1991 organization is providing free education, health services by implementation of medical camps, free dispensaries for the deserving peoples. The organization also helps the poor at the time of marriage of their daughters in shape of money and dowry. And also working on agriculture / and Biological Diversity and also provide the best seeds and fertilizer to farmers free of cost.

We Have A Strong Mission

Child labor is a serious problem in many parts of the world, especially in developing countries. Labor is defined as physical or mental work especially of the hard or draining kind. The work done by the children under 15 years due to some circumstances is known as ‘Child Labor’.  World Welfare Association is holding seminars & informative sessions to increase awareness in people of Pakistan to Say No to Child Labor.

Education is a weapon to fight any kind of war. Education is the basic need of children and also the right of the all children. World Welfare Association is doing its best to provide education facilities to the deserving children.

Secretary Board Faisalabad distributing prizes among the students on annual function World Welfare Association is working on the enhancement of Education for poor and needy children’s in the rural areas in the Pakistan.

WWA is working for specially those Child’s who are the victim of child labor because they are restrict and bound to do work in factories workshops and some of them becomes beggar. The reason behind is that they belongs to large family, those members are not educated and so poor. They do not have sources to earn; even some of them have not any place to live. Some of them committed to suicides to get rid them from their miserable life. And also working for those who are addict of drugs.

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